Fishing at Sidinda


This is what we suggest to tempt the racy tigers around Sidinda:

Sidinda species
Tigerfish, Barbel, Bream, Vundu catfish (huge), Electric catfish, Sqeaker, Nkupe & Chessa
Flies and Lures
Tiger can be caught by a variety of methods such as fly fishing, trolling, spinning, drifting and bottom fishing and one can also use live bait (or a combination). The small sardine (kapenta) was introduced into Lake Kariba some 10 years ago, on a commercialised basis to provide protein for the population and account for more than half of the tigerfish's diet. An interesting trick is to throw handfuls of them from purchased packets to induce feeding frenzies. Best fishing times coincide with the hot season starting in September through to December.

Standard bait castings rods or spinning rods for tigers (eg. Shimano Nexave) are ideal for conventional fishing with 9 weights being the Zambezi standard weight for fly, (the average tiger is 12lbs so a small weight can be attempted). Fly line needs to be matched to the rod with an intermediate line working very well.

Boats and guides at Sidinda:
15ft Piranhas with 60hp engines or look alikes and 11 ft Dories with 25 hp engines
Guides per group of 3 fishermen: one guide with a Pirhana and one guide with a Dory.

Tiger fishing in Zimbabwe


Tiger fishing in zimbabweTiger fishing in zimbabweTiger fishing in zimbabweTiger fishing in zimbabweTiger fishing in zimbabwe
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